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Tribes – What is Friendship?

Tribes in March –

In Tribes during the month of March, students will be exploring the question, “What is friendship?” We will be examining what it means to be a friend, looking at the qualities that we value in a friend and discussing how friendships change and grow over time.

Questions/Wonderings-Third Graders: What makes someone a friend? What qualities do you appreciate in a friend? Do friends argue? Why do friends argue? Does it feel safe to disagree with a friend? Why or Why not? What motivates friends to resolve conflicts?

Arguing/Fighting with a Friend – Why do friends say, “You are NOT my friend?”Students responded by saying: 1) to convince someone to give you what you want, 2) You were mean to me so I am going to be mean to you. 3) It is a threat because the friend is angry.

What is Friendship? Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. – Friendship – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As a class, we created a word web of the qualities we value in a friend (see below).

Third Graders – Friendship is…sharing, being kind to each other (Henry), friends care about you, relationship (Dashel), cooperation, mutual respect, helping each other (John), when you really get to know someone (Tyler), trust and honesty (Paul). A bond between two people. (Isabelle)

Kindergarteners – Friendship is…using nice words, mutual respect, taking care of each other.

Then, we watched a video about friendship called – “Friendship Soup”

After watching the video, we compared what we value in a friend to what was discussed in the video to compare and contrast. We will begin to write our own friendship soup recipes in the coming weeks.

Read Alouds: – 1. Friends by Meg Greve, 2. Friendliness by Lucia Raatma, 3. Just My Friend and Me by Mercer Mayer

Here’s to friendship!!

One Tribe!