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BSI Newsletter Issue #5

BSI Newsletter

Issue #5 Week of 11/14/16 

Schoolwide News 

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Wednesday, November 30th from 12:50 until 3 and 4:00 until 7:00 p.m.  Parent Teacher Conference online registration will be sent out on Wednesday 11/23/16.  Click here for more details.K-3 Family Monday 
We invite you to join us on Monday, November 21st, for another Family Monday. Students will be picked up by their classroom teachers in the cafeteria as usual and meet you in their classrooms at around 8:40am. It will be followed by the PTO meeting at around 9:25am.

4-8 Family Share- click here for details.

Pajama Day
Wednesday, November 23rd, is Pajama Day here at BSI. Our spirit days are an opportunity for us to come together as a learning community to have fun and build school spirit. Students and staff will be participating in the fun. Don’t forget to send your child in or with PJs.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • What do I need to do if my child is absent? Who do I notify? If your child will be absent you should fill out the dismissal form and check off the absent box. You can also email instead. There is no need to call the office.
  • What should I do if my child is having a hard time on the bus? If there is an incident or anything else that happens on the bus that your child does not feel comfortable with, please email the child’s teacher, our guidance counselor ( and me (
  • What if I need to pick my child up early from school or change his/her usual dismissal plan? Please fill out an online dismissal form. The cut off time for early pickups and dismissal changes is2pm to ensure that everyone who is involved in the dismissal process receives the correct information and students are all accounted for. There is no need to call the office and handwritten notes as those two methods are fairly unreliable.

School Website 
On Thursday our redesigned website will be launched. Our goal is to make it easier to navigate and more streamlined. There will be more work done after the initial launch so stay tuned. If anyone has any feedback please feel free to reach out to

Lost & Found
Lost & Found room will be cleaned on Monday. All items not picked up by Monday evening will be collected and picked up by a donation company. Those of you that are coming to our Family Monday will have the perfect opportunity to check the lost and found room for any lost items.

Chess News from Vlad
Just wanted to share the latest news. Our chess team participated at three tournaments in last two weeks including CIS World Chess NYC Junior Championship at PS 11M. Click here for a detailed update.

Those of you that ordered pictures by the first deadline will receive them by 11/18/16. The first batch came in and is being distributed on 11/16 & 11/17. If you have any question reach out to

B&N Bookfair 
Our annual Barnes & Noble Bookfair is Sunday, November 20th from 9am-7pm at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble, 267 7th Avenue, Brooklyn. 

No School 
There is no school on Thursday and Friday due to Thanksgiving. We wish you a nice and relaxing long weekend.

Middle School News
School Loop & Homework Reminders
Grades 4-8 Please remember that School Loop sends out a homework reminder email every day at 5pm unless you have opted out of that option. Teachers will not send out individual emails to classes with such reminders. All of that information will come from school loop.
Google Classroom and School Loop are merging this week and everything that is posted on Google Classroom will be found on School Loop as well. There is one central place with all homework assignments and classwork related information which is School Loop. If there are any issues, concerns or questions please reach out to amoshura@bsi686.orgDebate Team 
Our Debate Team will go on their first tournament this Saturday (11/19/16). If anyone would like to come out and show their support here is the venue information:
American Debate League Fall Classic
M.S. 172  81-14 257th street, Queens N.Y. (between 257th street and 81st avenue)
The tournament is from 9-5 p.m. (Awards ceremony at 4 p.m.) 

Trimester Breakdown 

Trimester 1 Sept 8th – November 18th
Trimester 2 November 21- February 17th
Trimester 3 February 27- June 28

8th Grade
8th Graders Timeline. What should 8th Graders be doing now?

  • In the next 2 weeks you should be finishing up all tours and open houses
  • You should be completing your interviews, auditions, assessments and online applications (NYCiSchool, Manhattan Hunter Science High School etc…)
  • Bard HS is still in the process of grading assessments and have not completed the interview invitations. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ms. Valerie. 
  • It’s time to review your lists of schools and programs and begin to place them in your order of preference – choosing what you love 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc…
  • Make sure you have chosen at least 12 programs (remember some high schools have more than 1 program and each one that you are interested in is listed as a separate choice)
  • List your final choices on the application and submit to Ms. Valerie by Nov. 28th. Applications must be signed by both the parent and student.  


Outside Opportunities:
2017 GOALS for Girls Summer Intensive at the Intrepid Museum on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016 for interested female students, parents, school administrators, teachers and community leaders to participate and hear more about the free 6-week application -based summer program.
Upcoming Events:

  • November 21, 2016 8:40am K-3 Family Monday followed by the PTO meeting 
  • November 21, 2016 8:40am Lost & Found clean out 
  • November 22, 2016 8:00am – 8:30 am Parent Engagement Time. Teachers are available for meetings. Don’t hesitate and reach out to and schedule a phone or face to face meeting with ANY of the teachers.
  • November 22, 2016 Grade 2 Trip 
  • November 22, 2016 301 Trip 
  • November 23, 2016 Pajama Day 
  • November 24, 2016 No School: Thanksgiving 
  • November 25, 2016 No School: Thanksgiving 
  • November 29, 2016 8:00am – 8:30 am Parent Engagement Time. Teachers are available for meetings. Don’t hesitate and reach out to and schedule a phone or face to face meeting with ANY of the teachers.
  • November 30, 2016 PTCs / Early dismissal. 
AnnouncementsMedia Literacy

Media Literacy: Face the Future…

After a difficult week, 8th graders are thinking about the future. The premise is simple:

“You are in a world where you can feel what other people feel. Now what? Facing History and Institute for the Future will pioneer an online game for social change that will convene students, educators, and community members from around the world to imagine what a better future might look like in 2026. The game will take place November 13–14, 2016.

Together we will challenge each other to radically reimagine the future of empathy and civic participation, taking people outside the bounds of daily modes of thinking. This experience will encourage collaboration to build shared visions and meaningful conversation about what the future might provide for us all.”

The game was created by Jane McGonigal, world-renowned game designer, best-selling author, and Director of Game Research and Development for The Institute for the Future.

Last Thursday, we discussed the difference between empathy and sympathy. Then we watched an introduction from McGonigal along with the first of the four scenarios from the game. Students then “played” their cards on chart paper and these cards represent both positive and negative possibilities of a future where feelings can be “shared” through social networks.

Students gain points when other people build on their ideas. A livestream launch with Jane McGonigal took place last night. As soon as a link to that exists, I will add it because it was a great talk. She talks about how “predicting our past” and “remembering our future” activates parts of the brain that otherwise remain dormant. Our ability to put ourselves in a situation is what allows us to understand other people’s feelings. That’s what this game is all about. Currently, there are 8423 players on Out of all those players, three of our students are listed among the top five “thinkers” and have contributed toward the 40,000+ possible futures that may exist. The game will be live for the rest of the evening (November 14th), so ask your eighth grader about it and see what their thoughts are. Some of our students have also been featured on the Face the Future blog and you should check that out. This is really compelling stuff and I recommend you watch the videos and go through the slideshow below to get a better idea of what this all looks like.




State of the Union: Election Fallout

Dear ones,

On Wednesday, principals received a lovely note from the chancellor extolling the virtues of calmness and confidence in the wake of what has been a difficult national election.  I write this evening hoping that each of you will speak with your children and remind them of the following:

Our school is just like our democratic country, a place where the rights of each of our citizens is protected.   All of us at BSI are 100% committed to making school a safe place, for adults and children alike.  There will be zero tolerance for any unkindness.  Period.

At BSI, we teach that we express ourselves through healthy, thoughtful discussion for the sake of understanding and being understood.  We will continue to work with our students to give them the tools they need here.

Now, more than ever, children must understand that silence is dangerous.  We must speak up if something is wrong, and adults can help us.

Children need to learn to be responsible members of a civic society, and here they need every single one of us to illuminate the path.  Let’s all join together to be part of the solution; our children are counting on us.