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Water Test Res

Dear Families,

We have heard from many of you today who are concerned about the lead test results reported by the DOE this morning.

Here’s a vital piece of information: the faucet in the kitchen that reported the highest level of lead is part of a steam kettle that has NEVER been used by our kitchen staff.  It has not been used for cooking, and it has not been used for washing dishes or hands.  It has not been used — period.  That is apparently why the reading came up so high.

I hope this is helpful information.  We will continue to share any reports provided by the DOE.

all best,




State of the Union: PTO Meeting

Hi all.

This morning at the PTO meeting we unveiled the redesigned BSI website.  We are excited about streamlining all of the rich content that’s on the site and we hope you will be, too.  The core content is there; in the coming days we will work to populate missing information.  On the parent resources page, there’s a handy link to the archived site.  Please, read any of the classroom blogs if you’re curious about what’s going on in other grades.  Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to reach out with feedback or questions.

We talked about the Chancellor’s Discipline Code and how it’s applied at BSI.  This document is sent home to families during the first days of school every year.  Unless your child is breaking the rules, you won’t hear much about this document.  Due to the Family Education and Privacy Act, the school can only discuss your child’s behavior with you; we cannot discuss consequences other students face.

The discussion about the discipline code sidelined into a lengthy feedback session from a number of parents about classroom management and a desire to have a Town Hall Meeting. Individual meetings are the appropriate forum to discuss parent concerns; we have always addressed parent concerns on a one:one basis.  We encourage you to reach out to either Anna or me, to get on our calendar.  We are here if you need us.

While we offer math workshops during the school day, it’s not always possible for families to attend.  Going forward, we will film our sessions and post them on the Parent Resources page of the website.

Media Literacy is alive and well in K-3 classrooms.  Our technology partners, XPosure, is in the midst of a cycle in 2nd and 3rd grade and in January, they will move on to 1st and 2nd grades.  Check the classroom blogs for information about this program.

While we would love to have a Librarian at BSI, our efforts to share the cost with TAOTS were not successful this year, and we will revisit again next year.  An active parent volunteer, Yulianna Shbatayeva (Maximillian, 4th grade) is in the process of organizing the library and will soon work with other parent volunteers to get us up and running this year.

This season in particular, we are grateful for the bounty we have shared here at BSI for the past 7+ years.  I am hopeful that we can pull together as the team we have always been to face any challenges that come our way. The children are counting on us, and we have no intention of letting them down.





BSI in the news.

Good morning,

Hope to see you all on Sunday at the Barnes & Noble Book Fair where I’ll read a favorite Jacqueline Woodson book, The Other Side.

Then, on Monday morning at the PTO meeting at 9:30, we’ll unveil the redesigned BSI website.  Don’t miss it!

Here’s a mention of BSI in the news this morning.




State of the Union: Election Fallout

Dear ones,

On Wednesday, principals received a lovely note from the chancellor extolling the virtues of calmness and confidence in the wake of what has been a difficult national election.  I write this evening hoping that each of you will speak with your children and remind them of the following:

Our school is just like our democratic country, a place where the rights of each of our citizens is protected.   All of us at BSI are 100% committed to making school a safe place, for adults and children alike.  There will be zero tolerance for any unkindness.  Period.

At BSI, we teach that we express ourselves through healthy, thoughtful discussion for the sake of understanding and being understood.  We will continue to work with our students to give them the tools they need here.

Now, more than ever, children must understand that silence is dangerous.  We must speak up if something is wrong, and adults can help us.

Children need to learn to be responsible members of a civic society, and here they need every single one of us to illuminate the path.  Let’s all join together to be part of the solution; our children are counting on us.