We support the development of self-expression through dance, theater, music, painting and drawing.  Collaboration with many New York City cultural institutions enables us to promote the arts both in and outside of our classrooms. We have a partnership with the Brooklyn Historical Society that focuses on social history; The Old Stone House is our Social Studies partner, and we work with Wingspan Arts in theater and movement. In addition to all of this, every one of our students studies violin with a Suzuki master.  Enrichments are a special time when students and their teachers engage together in the arts.

Enrichments are dependent on external funding—the PTO helps make them happen!  Help BSI continue our vision of collaborating with local experts and artists to enrich our curriculum, and connect our students’ interests to the outside world!

Enrichments vary from year to year, depending on funding and partnership opportunities. Enrichment programs have included:

  • Reach the World: Grade 1, 2, and 3 classes were partnered with traveling correspondents for Skype sessions in which they learned about far-away places and their characteristics and customs.
  • Brooklyn Conservatory of Music: This innovative program partnership encourages creative expression through music, dance and related arts. Students play ORFF instruments and use a variety of engaging instruments and props in an exciting and progressive setting.
  • Violin: Suzuki teacher AnnaLies Mast gives weekly violin instruction to all grades.
  • Brooklyn Historical Society: BHS Social Historians work with Grade 1, 2, and 3 students around a special research project that will span multiple years.
  • Chess: All grades have in-class chess instruction from Nick Chatzilias.